EDI Service in the industry

What challenges in the industry can be overcome with EDI Service?

  • Complex supply chain management: The large number of suppliers and partners can be easily managed with EDI Service. EDI facilitates communication across time zones and language barriers.
  • Product lifecycle management: EDI ensures fast and precise information transfer for specifications and updates.
  • Regulatory requirements: Efficient compliance with strict industry regulations for product labeling and documentation – legal compliance made easy.

Not only can we process business operations with customers faster through the EDI service, but we also reduce the amount of paper used, thereby conserving the environment and resources and taking another step towards a technologized future.

Andreas Stingeder, EDI Projektleiter 3M
Revolutionary communication

The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. In order to do justice to this, leading industrial companies are digitizing and networking their value chain, including digital ordering processes and the automated transfer of data to networked planning and production. With a sophisticated EDI service that offers numerous advantages, companies are seizing their opportunities to stand out from the global competition.

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