EDI Service for more success

EDI Service to ensure success

We provide the best possible EDI Service for our customers and tailor it entirely to your needs. We are happy to take care of your EDI while you focus on your success. This way, everyone does what they do best, saving you time, money and nerves.

EDI Service Partner - Avenum and Avedium - Danimir Stevanovic and Sven Hecker

Stress-free working

You do what you do best while we focus on your daily exchange of business data. Making your business even more successful.

Transparent costs

We have a simple calculation model that we use to ensure you understand how our costing works from the very beginning.

Just a single interface

All you need is one interface directly to us. We will then integrate all your business partners in the right format with a wide range of different communication possibilities in a secure and straight-forward way.

Highest level of security and availability

Our EDI Service runs 24/7 and also exclusively in highly available and certified data centers.

Rapid response

Guaranteed response times thanks to very good SLAs, structures and our qualified EDI experts.

Automation made easy

We are also familiar with your business partners’ systems, so we know what is required for easy automation.


Not being tied to a certain format such as EDIFACT or VDA means we are also able to convert Any2Any.

No more extra work

Our services means you no longer need to monitor the system yourself or employ additional staff.

Your B2B expert

There is of course nothing to stop you managing your data traffic yourself – but you don’t have to.

There is a professional EDI service to make sure your business runs smoothly: us.
We take care of your EDI so that you have the time to concentrate on making your business successful.

And you have time to work on your success in the meantime.

EDI Service Graphic - With just one direct connection to our service, all your business partners are securely and easily networked in the required format with a wide range of communication options.
Saturn Tower Ausblick 2021 von Avenum EDI Service Partners

The EDI service not only means a great relief for us, but also ensures 100% control – after all, avEDIum is not a black box. All important information is made available to us clearly and with full data transparency.