CELO: EDI Service makes the difference

The success story of CELO Befestigungssysteme GmbH, the international quality supplier of screws and fasteners, spans Europe, Asia and America. The strong partnership with EDI Service Partners enables optimized business processes.

CELO’s success: Small Things Matter

CELO lives by the motto “Small Things Matter – small things make the difference.” This approach is reflected in everything they do. They offer first-class products and services worldwide with the aim of making their customers’ work easier. Their over 60 years of experience enables them to offer customized solutions for various industries.

The role of EDI Service

A reliable partnership with EDI Service Partners has helped CELO to work more efficiently, protect the environment and connect their customers at the touch of a button. Various processes such as INVOIC, ORDERS and ORDRSP were automated. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) enables CELO to exchange data seamlessly between many business partners. This saves time, resources and improves quality.

Collaborating with Avedium enables us to achieve simple and flexible automation with our business partners. This strengthens our position as the primary supplier to leading global companies across various industries.

Julia Loschko, Internal Sales CELO

We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration and to many more automations made possible by EDI for numerous processes.

Sven Hecker, CEO Avedium

Advantages of EDI Service with CELO:

  • Faster order processing: Orders are processed more quickly, resulting in shorter delivery times.
  • Automated processing: Errors are minimized and transactions run more smoothly.
  • Expert support: The EDI Service provider helps with process optimization.
  • Paperless invoicing: Electronic invoices save costs and are environmentally friendly.
  • Global networking: Seamless communication with global business partners.

Photo © CELO