Peppol Certified Provider

Your EDI Service Partners are now also Peppol Certified Service Providers

Digitalization is advancing inexorably, and the integration of modern communication technologies is essential for companies that want to keep up with the times. We are now expanding our range as a PEPPOL service provider.

What does PEPPOL mean for your company?

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) stands for simplified, cross-border e-commerce within Europe. By connecting to the established PEPPOL network, EDI Service Partners enables its customers to exchange invoices and other business documents with public institutions and companies in Europe in a secure and standardized way. This not only facilitates trade within the EU, but also optimizes business processes by increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

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Integration and benefits for existing EDI users

For companies already using our EDI Service, the PEPPOL integration offers an excellent opportunity to extend their reach and further digitize their business processes. New customers benefit from a competent and experienced partner who guides them safely through the complex requirements of electronic data exchange.

What distinguishes PEPPOL from other networks?

In contrast to private VAN networks, PEPPOL is a public, non-commercial network that relies on AS4 connections to avoid roaming charges. It has been operated by the non-profit organization OpenPeppol since 2012.

Choosing EDI Service Partners as your PEPPOL service provider means access to a network that prioritizes efficiency, security and compliance. With a team characterized by expertise and commitment, we are ready to lead your company into the future of digital commerce.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Universal networking: Once connected to PEPPOL, you are automatically networked with all network participants. This enables access to a wide range of business partners.
  • Standardization and simplification: PEPPOL standardizes the electronic exchange of invoices for both B2G and B2B transactions. This leads to a more efficient procurement process.
  • Cost savings: Using PEPPOL means reduced costs as it offers simple onboarding processes for suppliers and customers.
  • Improved cash flow and greater security: The fast delivery of invoices and other documents via PEPPOL improves cash flow. The network also offers a high level of security and transparency in data exchange.
  • Future orientation: PEPPOL is characterized by future-oriented development. With its steadily growing global presence, it offers companies the opportunity to expand their business activities and contacts far and wide.

Have you been asked by business partners to send invoices via the PEPPOL network in the future? Or would you like to proactively modernize your system and adapt it to current European standards?

We are ready to discuss all your questions and work with you to find the best solutions.

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