Darbo Referenz Kopie

Darbo relies on EDI Service

A. Darbo AG has an impressive 140 years of experience in fruit processing. Today, it has established itself as a leading company in the Austrian jam and honey sector. Summer enjoyment is guaranteed with Darbo products, because quality is the brand’s top priority.

A. Darbo AG has relied on EDI Service Partner Avenum for many years. Darbo uses avEDIum, the innovative solution for electronic data exchange. EDI Service enables communication via a central interface and handles all data traffic.

EDI Service is not only a great relief for us, but also ensures 100% control – after all, avEDIum is not a black box. All important information is made available to us clearly and with full data transparency.

Martin Friess, A. Darbo AG    

In addition, outsourcing EDI operations to Avenum saves Darbo costs: there is no need to purchase software and licenses, there are no maintenance or training costs and resources can be used more sustainably.

At Avenum, we offer professional service and future-proof solutions through access and connectivity to the latest technologies for our customers. Our Service is your advantage.

Danimir Stevanovic, CEO Avenum

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