Jawoll relies on profitable EDI Service

J.A.Woll-Handels GmbH has been offering a wide range of daily necessities for over 35 years. Week after week, the company invites all price- and quality-conscious customers to browse through a selection of new products as well as popular permanent low prices. Jawoll focuses on certified raw materials and targeted selection decisions in purchasing, including packaging, to support the goal of sustainability.

The retail supply chain is characterized by a unique structure, with the primary focus on smooth product flow. Sales occur rapidly, and the availability of goods is of great importance. Managing uncertain demand is also particularly complex due to the perishability of many products.

This is why Jawoll relies on the EDI Service of Avedium. This enables seamless integration of business processes with all suppliers.

As a strategic partner, Avedium not only offers time and financial benefits, but also helps to improve the quality of our supply chain management.

Tobias Freitag, IT Manager J.A. Woll Handels GmbH

With the help of our EDI Service, Jawoll successfully avoids obstacles. Our flexible solution adapts smoothly to new requirements and enables worry-free data exchange.

Sven Hecker, CEO Avedium

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Photo © J.A.Woll-Handels GmbH