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Save energy, resources and avoid paper with our EDI Service

We digitize your business processes with Electronic Data Interchange. This saves you energy, paper, time and money. Completely digital, in real time and error-free.

Our EDI Service automates your business processes. Your employees no longer have to worry about processing orders, issuing invoices, delivery bills or bookings, etc. This gives you time for more important things.

During this process, everything runs paperless, completely digital, without media disruption, and absolutely error-free. Our data center is powered 100% by hydroelectric energy.

We have been focusing on green IT for many years. In combination with our EDI Service, we do a lot of good for the environment. By avoiding paper, we have already been able to save several soccer pitches of forest.

Sven Hecker

November 6 is World Paper Free Day and we’re celebrating!

Danimir Stevanovic

Electronic Data Interchange can make your company even more sustainable.
Try out our sustainability calculator and find out how our EDI Service can make your company more environmentally friendly.

Celebrate World Paper Free Day with us and benefit from the many possibilities of our EDI Service.
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