Connecting suppliers

The way in which suppliers are connected to the systems of some companies often leaves a lot to be desired. It is especially in such situations that having an EDI solution is beneficial, helping cut workflow costs by up to 80 percent while also improving business ties. Our EDI Cloud Service can be used to connect many suppliers quickly and easily. Our experience means we are familiar with the needs of individual sectors, enabling us to offer the best possible level of support, efficiency and return on investment (ROI) – from the very beginning.

Core advantages:

  • Use of EDI standards (such as EDIFACT and X12) for efficient data exchange of orders, invoices, delivery bills, etc.
  • Automation enables seamless integration of your suppliers into the supply chain.
  • Improved data quality and real-time transparency.
  • Fast onboarding and compliance with international data exchange formats.
  • Cost efficiency and error-free supplier integration thanks to our expertise.

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