3d Render Of Automatic Car Production Line With Robotic Arms Welding Parts

EDI Service in the automotive industry

Why does it make sense to use EDI Service in the automotive industry?

In a nutshell:

  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards such as EDIFACT and VDA.
  • Streamlined and automated communication internationally – in the shortest possible time.
  • Efficient exchange of business documents between manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.
  • Cost efficiency due to savings on software, hardware and staff training.
  • Flexibility in changing market conditions.
  • Time-critical processes are handled faster.

We have found an extremely reliable and competent partner with whom we can continuously expand and operate our digital supply chain in a stable manner – especially in the demanding automotive supply industry.

Günther Strieck, Manager SAP Services iSi
Data like on an assembly line

Globalization is omnipresent, especially in the automotive industry. A smooth and fast exchange of business data via EDI is crucial to success. The market is large and often characterized by major differences: some suppliers are located in low-price countries, for example, while others are in emerging markets. Nevertheless, these must be integrated as quickly as possible, taking into account their region-specific and diverse standards.

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