EDI Service in the construction industry

What are the benefits of EDI Service for my company in the construction industry?

  • Accelerated project execution: Automated data exchange processes facilitate real-time transmission of orders, deliveries, and invoices.
  • Reduced error rate: Minimizing human error and ensuring correct transmission of data.
  • Cost savings: Reduction in operating costs. Paper and printing costs are minimized, processing time is shortened and you save valuable resources.
  • Better supplier relationships: Coordinate orders and deliveries more efficiently, leading to better collaboration and potentially discounts and better payment terms.
  • Scalability and growth opportunities: You are ready for new business opportunities and can expand your portfolio without having to worry about handling manual processes.

Thanks to our cooperation with the EDI Service Team, data exchange between the individual ARGE partners is simple and secure.

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The construction industry usually involves complex projects, several partners that need to be connected and a lot of money. There are often joint ventures, especially when large construction projects have to be managed – within the joint venture there is a lively exchange about the current status quo on various construction projects. EDI is the key to coordinating all of this, maintaining an overview and making the best possible use of your skills.

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