EDI Service in the consumer industry

Why should I opt for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service as a company in the consumer goods industry?

  • Improvement of operational processes
  • Scalability: Adaptation to the growth of the company and easy integration of new business partners.
  • Promoting customer loyalty through faster and more reliable order processing.
  • Comprehensive support: implementation, integration, data management, process optimization, communication with business partners, etc.

EDI Service offers us the ideal opportunity to connect our business partners in a simple and scalable way and to handle our processes with them efficiently and error-free.

Martin Wykydal, Head of IT Kelly Ges. m. b. H.
EDI greets you daily

A lot, fast, and pinpoint accuracy – these are the buzzwords of the consumer economy sector. Customers want their goods every day, without having to wait long. The industry is therefore faced with the demand for high order frequencies and short delivery times. This requires maximum precision and adherence to deadlines – across the entire value chain. The use of EDI enables a smooth process.

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