EDI Service in the furniture industry

How can EDI Service specifically support companies in the furniture industry?

  • Accelerated order processing: Our EDI Service streamlines the order process from order to delivery. This leads to faster order processing times and improved delivery times for customers.
  • Cost reduction: The automation of processes and the elimination of manual data transfer significantly reduce operating costs, which is an advantage in the furniture industry where margins are often a challenge.
  • More efficient inventory management: Automated data exchange makes it possible to reduce excess stock and bottlenecks.

We have been using EDI Service since 2001 and are very satisfied. We only need a single connection to the EDI Service, all other business partners are connected directly from there.

Alfred Hirschberger, IT Leiter ADA Möbelwerke
How to get your EDI right

To be prepared for the increasing competitiveness in the coming years, the furniture industry also requires close collaboration among all stakeholders. Currently, the level of digitalization within the industry still varies greatly, which hinders the optimization and connection of business processes. EDI Service is the solution to gaining a competitive advantage in the future.