Edi Service Textilindustrie

EDI Service in the textile industry

What specific advantages can EDI Service offer the textile industry?

  • Value chain optimization: Our EDI Service enables precise coordination, from raw material procurement to final production. Efficient use of resources and capacities.
  • Agile production: Facilitating the flexible adaptation of production processes in order to react quickly to changing market conditions and customer requirements.
  • Cost optimization and compliance: The automation of processes significantly reduces operating costs in the textile industry. In addition, our EDI Service supports compliance with regulations and quality standards.

EDI Service has enabled us to exchange business data easily and sustainably with our international customers for over 15 years.

Peter Stocker, IT-Projektmanager Hirsch Armbänder
Communication like clockwork

In the textile industry, EDI is the right way to speed up goods receipt with fewer personnel, shorten delivery and throughput times or optimize stocks with improved goods availability. Especially since EDI capability is often seen as a prerequisite for functioning partnerships.

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