EDI Service in logistics

How can EDI Service help to tackle the specific challenges in the logistics sector?

  • Improving efficiency: With our help, you can improve your cross-docking processes, for example, by enabling the rapid exchange of information between warehouses and transport service providers.
  • Logistics documentation: Streamlining the transfer of freight papers and customs documents to accelerate cross-border logistics and customs clearance.
  • Track & Trace integration: Our EDI service enables seamless integration of Track & Trace systems, giving you real-time visibility of shipment progress and status.
Data on the highway

The demands in the logistics sector are enormous. Faster and faster, further and further, less and less space. It is therefore all the more important to exchange logistical messages between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and logistics providers via EDI. To ensure that communication runs smoothly, information processes between business partners are automated and standardized so that messages are processed directly in the recipient’s systems.